Why Is Air Compressor Accessories Recommended Original
Aug 16 , 2021

Most factories in the procurement of air compressor,in addition to considering the air compressor itself acquisition costs,but also consider the subsequent upgrade maintenance of the corresponding parts of the price is appropriate.Sometimes air compressor to do maintenance,want to buy accessories from the original manufacturers,but found that the replacement of the original parts of the machine is a bit expensive,they are reluctant to transfer to other accessories to do replacement,but afraid to change other brands,quality above there is no corresponding guarantee.On this issue,the small editor specifically to consult our factory those in the air compressor industry rolling for many years of technical engineers,these senior engineers give surprisingly consistent answers,is recommended that you use the original parts,the reasons are roughly the following:

(1) The use of non-original accessories,it means the loss of the original manufacturer's warranty.Before some customers bought is our factory air compressor,and then in the maintenance of unauthorized replacement of other brands of air filter,resulting in air compressor host "hold dead" situation,contact us after-sales,although finally repaired for them,but like customers unauthorized replacement of other brand accessories this situation,our manufacturers are generally not insured;

(2) The general supplier factory side only fixed one accessories manufacturer,between the two will sign the relevant agreement,the market appears some of the original quality of the source of accessories is not reliable;

(3) The original machine parts in the design is generally through hundreds of gas-related tests,stability is relatively guaranteed,and imitations can only be done in the form and the original as similar as possible,but the details are lack of polishing,safety can not be confirmed.

Due to the unknown nature of alternative accessories,unauthorized use can cause users great distress and security risks.Original parts,both in terms of after-sales and performance, compared to alternatives will have a great advantage.

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