Why Is There So Much Water When The Air Compressor Is Equipped With A Dryer
Aug 19 , 2021
There are mainly air tanks,dryers and filters in air compressor systems.Dry compressed air ensures the operation of the air system and production process of the air compressor.The role of the dryer is to eliminate condensate in compressed air and ensure the discharge of dry and clean compressed air.After equipped with a dryer,compressed air still contains water,which is due to the following five reasons.
1. The air around the air compressor station is humid
The air itself has humidity and contains a certain amount of moisture.When the air is compressed,due to the high internal temperature of the compressor,water evaporates directly into water vapor,and then with the pressure discharge compressor,and so on,the temperature drops,will make the water vapor form condensate.Therefore,the operating environment humidity of the air compressor is low,or before the start-up use,these condensate discharge.
2. The post-treatment drying equipment is not working
The general drying and processing capacity of the cold dryer is the pressure dew point 3℃,if your work site temperature is lower than 3℃,there will inevitably be water.At this time,it is recommended to configure micro-thermal suction machine after treatment drying equipment,pressure dew point can reach -20℃ without producing water.
3. Drying equipment is not capable enough
Generally speaking,if the amount of gas used instantaneously is large,it will result in insufficient capacity of drying equipment,resulting in water in the air.
4. The air tank has water
It contains a lot of water that doesn't drain and forgets to drain.Open the drain valve under the air tank regularly and drain the water.
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