Precautions For Daily Use Of Screw Air Compressor
Oct 06 , 2021

In recent years,with the continuous development of national industry,screw air compressors have become indispensable power equipment for factory production.The stable operation of screw compressors has been directly related to the production capacity of the factory.In order to avoid immeasurable losses to the factory,it is necessary to do a good job of daily air compressor maintenance and maintenance during the use process,so what should be paid attention to in the daily use of the screw compressor in order to maintain a good operating condition and effectively extend the service life?

1.Change lubricating oil regularly.The service life of air compressor lubricating oil is usually about 2000 hours,and must be replaced when it expires.When replacing the lubricating oil,we should not only drain the oil in the oil tank,but also drain the remaining oil in the oil shut-off valve,oil cooler and oil pipeline,so as to ensure the cleanliness of the newly added oil.Pay attention to the quality of the lubricating oil when selecting,and always pay attention to the position of the oil during operation.The oil level indicator must be in the correct area during operation,and cannot be too high or too low.During operation,focus on controlling the temperature of the lubricating oil to avoid water in the oil.

2.Regularly check whether there are "running,leaking,dripping,or leaking" situations.Compressed air leakage is common in most systems.The leakage of compressed air will cause the unit to be continuously loaded to meet the pressure requirements,which will consume more power.The leakage of the oil system will accelerate the loss of oil,which will lead to oil costs.To increase.Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the leakage of the compressed air pipe network and check whether there is any leakage in the oil circuit to reduce the production cost.

3.Measure current and voltage regularly.An unbalance of 1% of the three-phase voltage will cause a phase current to exceed 10%;an unbalance of 3.5% of the three-phase voltage will increase the temperature rise of the motor by 25°C.Therefore,the current and voltage should be checked regularly,and the motor should not be connected reversely when wiring,otherwise the fuel injection screw will reverse,causing damage to the bearing and the screw being seized.

4.Replace the three filters regularly.The service life of the three filters of screw air compressors is generally 2000 hours,and they need to be replaced in time after expiration.If it is not replaced,the filter element may be blocked or even ruptured,which will increase the temperature and decrease the performance,causing other failures of the machine and causing greater losses.

5.Check whether the loading and unloading of the unit is abnormal,whether the start and stop is abnormal,whether the exhaust pressure is abnormal,etc.; check whether the vibration is too large and the noise is abnormal during operation;also pay attention to the pressure valve,temperature control valve,and oil cut-off Whether the valve, etc. is malfunctioning.

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